Communist Democracy (Luxemburgist)

Communist democracy is part of the workers' democratic movement, and struggles :
- for the abolition of capitalism, wage labour, and the division of human beings into social classes ;
- for the end of the dictatorship of the capitalist class, and to replace it with direct democracy ;
- for a socialist-communist society ;
- for the end of sexism and male domination ;
- against all forms of racism, nationalism and patriotism ; for the suppression of all frontiers. 

Our aim is to participate in the actual movement of the world's proletariat for the improvement of its life conditions, and to change society – fighting for, among other things, the common property over the means of production, transportation, communication and the suppression of all states. 

An international socialist-communist revolution can only be carried out in a democratic manner, and true democracy can only be achieved by such a revolution.

The struggle for socialism-communism implies necessarily the end of the division between the leaders and those that are led. This division must end in the struggles and their organs: general assemblies, groups, strike committees, councils, unions, parties... 

Permanent internal democracy at all levels is an absolute necessity, we must therefore reject any system including "permanents" and "professionals". The leadership of a movement or of a structure has to include all of its members. 
This organization, based on direct democracy, is the seed of the future direct democracy that would reign in an emancipated society freed of all forms of alienation. 
Luxemburgism is a Marxist and revolutionary current of thought, free and in motion. It is an amendable tool, that can be bettered and overcome, in the struggle of the dominated (workers, unemployed...) against the ruling class and class society itself.


On the day to day basis, we participate, within our possibilities, in the actual movement for the overthrow of capitalism and the establishment of worldwide direct democracy. Today’s political system is not a real democracy : the real meaning of the word democracy, is the power to the people. 

We get inspiration from different democratic and revolutionaries currents that have existed over the last two centuries. In particular, we recognize ourselves in the “luxemburgist” approach of the movements in the beginning of the 20th century, but also the “left Marxist” current of May-June 1936, May 1968, and the different emancipation struggle everywhere in the world. 

Basing ourselves on the analysis of Rosa Luxemburg (since 1904), we see that the policies applied by all the different "leninist" in power were completely opposed to our Marxist principles. Since 1917 and until today, the different "leninist" governments have abandoned all the objectives of socialism and communism ; on the contrary, they have set up a highly hierarchical and authoritarian state, based on one party, with a state centrally planned economy (State capitalism). These parties have betrayed the most basic revolutionary and democratic principles, their leaders becoming the new dominating and exploiting classes. 

We advocate an international democratic revolution led by the people, giving way to : 
- the conquest of direct democracy ;
- the end of capitalism and wage labour ;
- the grass root and democratic socialisation ;
- the abolition of sexism, racism and nationalism ;
- the suppression of the states and frontiers. 

This new society, of a socialist-communist type, would be « an association in which the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all » (Karl Marx, Communist Manifesto). As long as the equality is not real, the freedom of all unfortunately only remains theoretical. We have to change society in order to obtain real equality and freedom. 

To achieve this, we encourage people’s struggles led collectively. The structures originating from the struggles (councils, general assemblies…) will only be revolutionary if they are completely democratic ; if they take power themselves (without giving it to others, as it happened unfortunately in Russia in October 1917 and in Germany in November 1918) ; if they organize the suppression of the capitalist production scheme and all its components.


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